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The Backwoods


Directed by Lisa Comrie

Written by John Comrie

Starring : Rissa Walters, Brian Comrie and Dan Comrie

A 17-year-old girl has mysterious encounters with paranormal activity in the small town of Pine Valley.

Review :I think I should start by pointing out that this film was never intended for the adult market. It is decidedly a tween movie and my 12 year old cousin seemed to enjoy this film a lot. The bad acting especially by Brian Comrie, incredible storyline didn't seem to detract from his enjoyment, and the cinematography, background scenes and character framing were all fairly decent. It ends up being somewhere on the level of a Goosebumps episode.

I think you've guessed that I found this film disappointing. The plot had possibilities that were never fully realised, the storyline seems sewn together by poorly staged flashback sequences and the actors deliver performances that would make film studies students blush. Lisa Comrie shows some capability as a director but even so its nothing to shout about and does nothing to raise the bar of the film. The film is designed to be a Nancy Drew like affair with the threat of a sequel hanging over it but blessedly we never had to deal with that. Rissa Walters looks good as Sarah but she can't act and ruins every scene as soon as she opens her mouth.

The horror parts of the movie, if you can call them that, are horribly cliched and laughable in their lack of ability to suprise but I guess that they are at the right level for younger viewers - my cousin seemed to believe they were scary. There weren't any special effects, the setting was not very spooky and the music had all the atmosphere of elevator music. There are two scary things about this film, firstly that it made it to theatrical release and secondly that the majority of cast and crew share the same family name. This film was written, produced, directed and starred family members with only a handful of people from outside the gene-pool enlisted to fill in the blanks. That sounds like a horror film in and of itself to me.

In Short : Very little entertainment value for adults but tweenagers may enjoy it as a first introduction to the genre.


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