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These are the current submission guidelines concerning original fiction, reprints, no-fiction and art submissions for Fever Dreams E-Zine. We are open for submissions, unless stated on the news page or our social media feeds. We read for the first two months of each quarter with the last month given over to production of the magazine. This is subject to change along with the projected release schedule.

Fiction : We are currently looking for writers to submit their work for the first Fever Dreams E-Zine. We are currently a none paying market but anyone accepted for inclusion will be sent a free digital copy for their contribution. In the future we hope to establish a print version of the E-Zine and provide a free contributors copy. We accept stories of fantasy, science fiction and horror, or any combination of these three. We are looking for high quality plot or character driven fiction up to 5000 words, we will consider long works but please query first. We like well-written, original ideas or original twists on old, genre conventions. If you are a new writer then we want your fiction. We will try to work with you to bring your work to a publishable standard but please be aware that there are some themes and ideas that we are unable to print because of UK legislation. We will do our best but please take the time to ensure that your spelling and punctuation is correct, that you are within the word limit and that your work is appropriately edited for standard manuscript format : 12" font Times New Roman, left justified with 1" margins all around. Double spaced, indented paragraphs with your name and title on every page and a cover page containing the story's name and your name. If you wish to be published under an alias then please also include that on the cover sheet. Once your manuscript is complete save it in .doc or .rtf format and send it as an attachment. In order to ensure a fast response it is recommended that you start your subject line with STORY: followed by the name of your work. We do not accept simultaneous or multiple submissions. Please wait until you recieve a response before sending another story. Response times may vary. If you have not recieved a response within three months then please query.

If in doubt about manuscript format then please check out:

Be Aware : For unprinted fiction we ask for First Print and/or Electronic Publishing Rights. Bear in mind that most publications will not publish pieces that have been published in print, eBook, or on the web. For all intents and purposes after your work is published by us it can only be marketed as a reprint. This may reduce any pay rate you receive for it in the future. It is up to you, the author, to decide if publishing your work in print and/or eBook formats and/or on the web, giving up your First Publishing Rights is what you want to do. If you are an unpublished author we will do our utmost to help you bring your work to a publishable standard, all we ask in return is that we have exclusive rights to it for a period of three months. After that time you are free to try and publish it elsewhere.

Reprints : The rules for original work applies to reprints. Writers sending their work as a request for reprint should be aware that we aim to include only one or two repints per issue. If you are sending a story that has been printed elsewhere then please include details of its print history in the body of your e-mail.

Non-Fiction : Queries for interviews or essays can be sent to our editor at You will receive a response within a fortnight if your idea is something we might be able to use in a future issue. Please note that there are no original ideas and your query might be something we have already recieved from another party or are already working on. We will consider any article on Horror, Science Fiction or Fantasy related subjects, such as reviews of films, books, toys or comics but are most interested in interviews with established and newer personalities in genre fiction. We prefer reviews to be in the region of 500 words but may consider articles of around 2000 words. Unsolicited articles will be deleted.

Poetry : Submissions of poetry should fit on a single page and have a strong theme that ties into the speculative fiction arena. Show us something that we haven't seen before. We publish poetry very selectively and aim to include no more than one or two pieces per issues, so don't be suprised if your work is rejected. Please start your subject with POETRY: followed by the name of your work.

Artwork : We are looking for single pieces of art that could be used for cover art as well as interior art, please be aware that a more contemporary style of artwork is more desirable at this time. All art in the magazine will be considered on loan from the artist. We do not purchase any rights to the artists pieces, they remain their own. We are a U.K. company and the law in the U.K. concerning the distribution of certain forms of artwork is very strict. As such we would like to state firmly that, although this is an adult magazine and may feature artwork with adult themes, we are not able to accept submissions of artwork featuring underage sex, incest, paedophilia or bestiality. The ownership of these articles is illegal and the distribution can result in criminal charges.

Comics : We are looking for works of comic fiction. We hope to publish one comic strip per issue. We are willing to consider any comic with strong science-fiction, fantasy or horror themes. We will consider a broad range of styles and content but please be aware of the rules concerning artwork submissions when submitting.

Submit work : If you've read the guidelines, and are happy to submit your work for consideration for the E-Zine, then click below and we wish you every success.

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