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How Can You Support The Fever Dreams E-Zine?

A lot of people may not realise but the production and maintenance of The Fever Dreams E-Zine costs money each month. At the moment the hosting and bandwidth costs are absorbed by Fever Dreams Publications and our staff work on a purely voluntary basis, which is why the e-zine is available for free. The main purpose of the E-Zine is support new writers of genre fiction and to ensure that they get to reach their audience but we can't afford to pay them for their stories, nor can we pay the artists who submit their work. It is our intention to make the magazine available for purchase in a variety of E-Reader formats. If you want to support the magazine and new genre writers then we ask that you purchase one of these versions. We will make more information about this available closer to our January release but the E-Reader version will not affect the content that is available on the site.

In the meantime the easiest way that you can help ensure the success of The Fever Dreams E-Zine is through a simple click. Use the links to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook so that we can reach as wide an audience as possible. If you want to be extra supportive then you can even tell your friends about us.

We are looking at finding a corporate sponsor at this time, and considering the possibility of setting up a quarterly competition. If you have any ideas about how we can raise funds so that we can afford to give our writers even a token payment then we would like to hear from you.

Thankyou for your time

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